Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week

Near the end of his illustrious career, Sir Winston Churchill was invited to address the graduating class of his preparatory school.  The headmaster of the school challenged the students to listen very carefully and take extensive notes on what this great man said. After the great introduction, Mr. Churchhill stepped to the podium and said: […]

A prayer for “National Morality” Father, I know the spirit of the world creeps into the body of Christ almost unawares sometimes, and before we know it, we can so easily be led astray and caught up in worldly actions (at times so subtly we don’t even recognize what has happened to us).   So […]

June 19, 2016

Thought for the Week . . . When Joshua and the Children of Israel followed God’s direction; marched around the City of Jericho for seven days; had the priests blow their trumpets; and had the people shout with a loud voice; it must have seemed like the greatest victory the world had ever experienced when […]

Thought for the week April 17th

The earliest African converts to Christianity were earnest and regular in their private devotions. Each one reportedly had separate spots in the thicket where he would pour out his heart to God. The several paths to these little “Bethels” became distinctly marked; and when any one began to decline in devotions, it was soon apparent […]

Thought for the week April 3rd

A budding artist once painted a picture of the Last Supper. He took it to the writer Tolstoy for his opinion.  Carefully and understandingly the Russian master of words studied the canvas.  Then pointing to the central Figure, he declared: “You do not love Him.” “Why that is the Lord Jesus Christ,” exclaimed the artist. […]

Thought for the week…

This morning we will be looking at “The Real ‘Lord’s Prayer’”. Oliver Greene, an evangelist and author wrote: “This 17th chapter of John records the longest prayer of our Lord while He was on earth.  We have many of the sermons of Jesus, many of His parables; but only this one lengthy prayer.” Matthew Henry […]

Thought of the week…

Have you made out your will yet?  As we grow older, we begin to think about the legacy we will leave behind to those coming after us, and it will also show how we want that wealth distributed. I hope that you will do a better job in the planning and in the distribution of […]